Septic Tank Safety

Septic tank safety should be on the minds of septic homeowners, or at least noted to do inspections every couple of years. Along with routine inspections, homeowners should consider other vital factors for our family’s safety, environment, and system integrity. Homeowners should schedule their septic tanks for routine maintenance every few years, depending on the … Read more

Signs your Septic Tank is Full

It’s important to be aware of signs your septic tank is full to avoid problematic issues. Overflow happens when the tank is not periodically maintained or there is a malfunction to the system such as with the drainfield pipes, the septic tank pump or best case scenario; a new filter is needing to be replaced. … Read more

Septic Tank Risers

A septic tank riser is a portal at the ground surface for easy access to the septic tank for inspection and maintenance pump outs.  Without one, many homeowners won’t know where the lid to their septic tank is located because it’s buried anywhere from 1 to 3 feet underground.  Some will consult a map which … Read more

10 Ways to be a Good Septic Owner

We listed ten things you can do to be a good septic system owner. It’s important to take care of your system with regular pumps and inspections to prevent disruptions in your system, environmental hazards, and costly repairs down the road. Have your system inspected every three years by a qualified professional, like us! Have … Read more

Heavy Texas Rainfall and your Septic System

Heavy Texas rainfall and your septic system. Texas rainfall is plentiful during the Spring, but with it comes potentially many septic system-related issues that mainly involve your system’s drainfield, such as ground flooding and clogging. Flooding may be seen around the drainfield which is where purified water can be safely dispersed into the surrounding soil. … Read more

Homeowners in Cali cling to their septic tanks

Thousands of Los Angeles homeowners with septic tanks could be forced to connect to the city’s sewer line or repair or replace their systems under a newly proposed ordinance. Some San Fernando Valley residents think the idea stinks. The proposal by the Department of Public Works would require that owners of the city’s 11,643 septic tanks buy … Read more

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