Signs your Septic Tank is Full

It’s important to be aware of signs your septic tank is full to avoid problematic issues. Overflow happens when the tank is not periodically maintained or there is a malfunction to the system such as with the drainfield pipes, the septic tank pump or best case scenario; a new filter is needing to be replaced.


Signs of a Full Septic Tank

Pooling of water near the drainfield. The drainfield is a series of pipes that drain water that flows through the system into the soil. Solid waste should get trapped in the actual septic tank. If a septic tank becomes too full of solid waste, however, the sludge can move into the pipes of the drainfied and clogs up these pipes. As water gets into the field, it will not flow through the pipes as designed and instead can pool in a particular area. You might even notice your grass in that area looking more lush and green than other areas of your lawn. If it hasn’t recently rained and water is pooling around the drainfield, this is a sign of an overflowing tank. You should have your system inspected immediately before an unsafe and hazardous situation develops.

Gurgling pipes, slow drains, and issues with flushing are other signs that the septic tank may be full. More specifically, if this is occurring with multiple pipes and not just one. Issues with one specific pipe or drain may just be a clog in that pipe. Notice if your water is slow to drain or if toilets are sluggish in flushing. Multiple issues may point to the septic tank needing to be addressed.

Foul Odors and Sewer backup. Hopefully, you realize that your septic tank needs pumping before drainfield clogs or backs up. When a septic system works properly, foul smells are trapped within the system and underground. Periodically sniff the air around where your septic tank and the drainfield area. Should you notice a foul smell where your septic tank and drainfield are, however, the smell suggests that gases may be escaping from the drainfield. Worse yet, you’ll notice these odors coming from your drains and toilets. They are a sign that your septic tank has started to get full.  Call us immediately to take care of this problem.

Overflow issues can be avoided with regular maintenance pumps. Septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years depending on household size, septic tank size, amount of wastewater/solid waste.

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