Septic Maintenance Tips for Larger Families

The more the merrier!  We love large families but the more bodies in one home, means your septic system may need extra attention too.  Or not!  We laid out a few things that can be done to prevent septic system malfunctions in a home with larger families.

Maintain the septic system regularly

  • Septic systems should be pumped every 3-4 years for homes with 4-6 people, or
  • Closer to 3 years for homes with more than 6 people.
  • Having the septic system pumped as scheduled will prevent back-up.  Signs of back-up would be overflow creeping into your plumbing, slowed drains, gurgling toilets and foul odors.
  • The biggest misconception is getting the system pumped only when the system’s light turns on.  When the light turns on, this could indicate that a problem may already be present.

Educate the family

  • Basic plumbing and septic education early on, may save you a headache later.
  • For younger kiddos:  teach them what is okay and not okay to put in the toilet.  They should know not to flush items like toys, wipes, Q-tips, dental floss, hair from a brush or drain clumps, and diapers.
  • For kids who are ready for kitchen chores: teach them that the garbage disposal is not a trash can and that grease, oil, fats, potatoes, pasta, and bones should not go down the drain.  Have them properly clean the dishes before loading them into the dishwasher and to save water, teach them to only run the dishwasher when full.
  • For adolescents with independence:  they should know how to use a plunger and how to shut the water off to the entire house in case there is an emergency leak.

Septic System location

  • Keep cars and heavy vehicles parked away from the drain field and the septic tank
  • Follow the systems manufacturer’s directions when using septic tank cleaners and additives.

With all septic pump services, All Cen Tex will inspect the condition of your tank, clean the filter, and clear inlet lines.  If you don’t have a riser installed, we’d be happy to provide you with an install quote.  Read more about Risers here.

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