Septic Tank Safety

Septic Tank Safety
Septic Tank Safety

Septic tank safety should be on the minds of septic homeowners, or at least noted to do inspections every couple of years. Along with routine inspections, homeowners should consider other vital factors for our family’s safety, environment, and system integrity.

Homeowners should schedule their septic tanks for routine maintenance every few years, depending on the number of people living in the home. Service visits from All Cen Tex provide you with an excellent opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the safety and operation of your septic system. We are always happy to help answer questions. Conversely, we will ensure that your tank is cleaned and operating correctly. We would be glad to educate you on doing simple inspections between routine maintenance appointments.  

A few things homeowners can do to ensure the safety of their family, especially the kiddos, is to inspect the septic tank lids or riser lids for cracks, loose bolts, and screws. Too often, we hear of a child falling into the tank, causing severe injury or even death.

  • Treat the area in and around your septic tank like you would a hot tub or a swimming pool. Hot tubs are always covered with lockable lids. Pools are also covered; some are even fenced in.
  • Do not install playgrounds, playscapes, or swing sets near or around the septic tank or the drain field.
  • Keep vehicles parked away from where the septic tank is buried, especially away from lids, to eliminate the risk of creating cracks. 
  • Periodically ensure lids are secured.

Most of the stories we hear about children falling into septic tanks were due to lids that were not secure and flipped when stepped on. Often, homeowners are aware of cracked or loose lids but don’t realize the hazard and do or say nothing. These severe injuries and deaths are 100% preventable. Septic tank safety is a genuine concern and should be on the minds of families with septic tank systems.

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