Heavy Texas Rainfall and your Septic System

Heavy Texas rainfall and your septic system.

Texas rainfall is plentiful during the Spring, but with it comes potentially many septic system-related issues that mainly involve your system’s drainfield, such as ground flooding and clogging.

Flooding may be seen around the drainfield which is where purified water can be safely dispersed into the surrounding soil. Your septic tank is designed to hold a certain amount of wastewater but if rainwater merges with that wastewater, the tank may have more liquid than it can handle. Water will not flow out of the septic system as intended and instead can come out of the tank and pool in your yard or worse yet, it can back up into the drains and toilets of your home. This overflow can creep into your plumbing and cause slowed drains, gurgling pipes and foul odors. A clogged drainfield can also allow untreated sewage to flow into the groundwater, where it can seep into local streams and risk serious environmental contamination.

Be on the lookout for signs of a flooding drainfield;

  • Sluggish drains in the house
  • Toilets draining slowly when flushed
  • Gurgling sounds in toilet and drains

There are many types of septic systems and to learn more about your type of septic system, check out epa.gov.

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