Grease Trap Pump & Clean

All Cen Tex Septic & Vacuum Pumping Service has more experience and knowledge about grease trap cleaning than any other company in the Austin area. We use all of the correct facilities to dispose of grease trap waste and we do it in a timely manner insuring your very best pricing available.

What kinds of businesses need a Grease Trap Pump? says “In Austin, a grease trap is required for any commercial or institutional food service operation.”

What is a grease trap/grease interceptor?

A grease trap (or interceptor) is a plumbing device designed to physically separate grease and solids from kitchen wastewater.

What is the difference between a grease trap and a grease interceptor?

Grease trap’s and grease interceptors are both plumbing devices for grease removal from industrial wastewater discharge streams. The grease trap is generally thought of as the smaller indoor device, usually with between 20 and 150 gallons of liquid holding capacity, and, until recently, typically installed below a sink. Grease traps are usually made of steel and often designed with just a single compartment. The grease interceptor is generally considered the large pre-cast concrete tank, typically with a liquid holding capacity anywhere from 250 to 5,000 gallons and designed with two separate compartments. For the purposes of this website, the term “grease trap” is used to describe both devices.

How often must my grease trap be cleaned?

The Austin City Code specifies all grease traps must be completely emptied and cleaned by a licensed hauler at least once every three months or more frequently if, before three months, the grease and solids in the trap’s final compartment accumulate to 50% or more of the wetted height of the trap. The perfect clean-out frequency will vary for each business. Most grease traps should be pumped at least once every 30 to 45 days.

What’s included your Grease Trap Pumping Service?

We do a thorough pump out and rinse of the grease trap. Once clean, we check the inlet and crossover to make sure they are clear then check the outlet to make sure it is draining out properly. Finally, we’ll inspect for any issues such as cracks or problems with the inlet or outlet T.

The picture above is looking down into a grease trap with our hose in it ready to begin the pump.

The pic above is after a few minutes of pumping out the grease.

The pic above is of another super full grease trap. It should never be allowed to get this full.

The pic above is looking down into another grease trap that had recently been pumped (not by us) and the job was not done properly. This clogged the pipeline you see which caused a major backup and overflow onto city streets. After pumping out all the grease the trap should be thoroughly washed out, something we do every single time. Unfortunately, we this happen too often when clients try to save a few bucks.

Where does the grease go?

Grease trap waste must be transported to a properly permitted disposal site by a liquid waste hauler licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and permitted by the City of Austin. Trip ticket manifest documentation procedures must be followed in accordance with applicable regulations. The Austin City Code specifies that grease trap waste manifest records must be made available for up to the past three years in which the facility has been in business. We are fully licensed:

Installer LIC#
Class II OSSF Installer LIC# OS000167
Transporter Permit #
Transporter Permit #20878
City of Austin #58
City of Round Rock Permit #101

What sets All Cen Tex apart from other companies?

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Us:

1. We are readily available for emergencies 24/7!

2. We return the required, fully completed FOG manifest forms to your municipality, city, or county so you don’t have to worry about it and can feel confident that everything has been done to your county’s or city’s standards.

3. We offer price plans that are based on a service agreement schedule to help you save money and avoid hassles of working on a month to month program.

4. We offer discounted service for long term service and variable payment options.

5. We offer discounts for multiple locations.

6. We offer fully licensed, trusted and reliable service. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

7. Our customers speak for our quality and professionalism. Read what they have to say about us.

We deliver clean, affordable, and licensed grease trap cleaning solutions for your business. Hundreds of businesses in the Austin,TX area trust us with their grease trap cleaning needs! Read more about us by visiting our home page. Call us at 512-258-4000

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