Septic System Education for Families

Septic System Education for Young Family Members
Septic System Education for Young Family Members

Septic system (and basic plumbing) education for young family members early on, may save you a headache later! We break down bits of info appropriate by age category.

Young kiddos:

Have such curiosities with water, toilets, and everything else they can get their sticky hands on. Teaching them what is okay and not okay to put in the toilet early on may be help avoid issues later. They should know not to flush:

• Toys – Save that for bath time
• Wipes – Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, and even the marketed “flushable” wipes
• Q-Tips- May be an issue for your pipes should they become an obstruction
• Dental Floss – Floss could snag onto something and cause blockage overtime
• Hair – From a hair brush, or clumps from the shower drain, it should always go in the trash
• Diapers- Kids learning to potty train might think that it’s okay to dispose of their diaper it in the toilet. Smart kiddos, makes sense, but a big no-no

Kids who are ready for kitchen chores, like handling dishes:

Kids can be great help around the kitchen and they love the idea of building some autonomy. A few things for them to know:

• Remind them that the garbage disposal is NOT a trash can
• Stuff like grease, oil, fats, potatoes, pasta, bones, fibrous veggies
• Teach them how to properly clean the dishes before loading them into the dish washer
• To save water, teach them to only run the dishwasher when full

Kiddos responsible enough for some independence:

When the kids are ready for the responsibility to be alone in the home, make sure they know how to:

• Use the plunger in case they experience a clog in the toilet OR
• In case the sink backs up
• Shut the water off to the entire house, just in case there is an emergency leak

Raising kids with basic plumbing skills and septic knowledge could be helpful for you as a parent and beneficial to them for having foundational knowledge to be able to handle issues on their own now, and in the future.

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