Septic System Repair Services for Austin, TX

Your septic tank is responsible for keeping your plumbing working. Without it, you can face clogs, backups, and other problems in your home. If you’ve been having problems with your septic system, let All Cen Tex Vacuum Pumping in Austin, TX help. We are experienced with septic systems of all kinds, and our septic system repair services can remedy the problem in no time.

What We Do

We want to make your home life easier, and a functioning septic system is the first step. We have repaired countless septic systems all over the Austin area, so we know how to diagnose any problem and offer an effective solution. Some common problems we run into include:

  • Broken pipes: The pipes that connect your home’s water fixtures to the septic tank run underground and can face obstacles of all kinds. Tree roots, decay, or shifting ground can strain or break your pipes, leaving you with contaminated ground and sewage backup in your home.
  • Clogs: Most everyone has experienced a drain or pipe clog of some kind before. And while it is definitely an annoyance, it can also be dangerous for your septic system. Even small clogs should be handled quickly to avoid bigger problems down the road.
  • Contaminated drainfield: If solid waste makes its way into your drainfield, it will contaminate the surrounding area and keep the drainfield from absorbing wastewater properly. The wastewater can then rise to the surface and create a health hazard for your property.

These problems can occur slowly or abruptly, so don’t hesitate to contact our team if you notice any sign of problems.

Who We Are

Our company began in 1987, and we have continued to grow and improve over the last few decades. Our experience allows us to give you expert repairs and peace of mind about your septic system.

If you need septic system repair in Austin, TX, contact us today at 512-258-4000.


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