Homeowners in Cali cling to their septic tanks

Thousands of Los Angeles homeowners with septic tanks could be forced to connect to the city’s sewer line or repair or replace their systems under a newly proposed ordinance.

Some San Fernando Valley residents think the idea stinks.

The proposal by the Department of Public Works would require that owners of the city’s 11,643 septic tanks buy annual permits, replace malfunctioning tanks or connect to the sewers.

San Marcos residents rise againts EAA fees

A group of San Marcos residents has formed to oppose some of the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s (EAA) recent enforcement actions in Hays County.

Coalition of Concerned Citizens Opposed to the Edwards Aquifer Authority (CCCEAA) said they formed after some of their number learned they had to buy water rights to pump from wells they had owned for years, while others joined the group after EAA ordered them to seal their unused wells without compensation.

Others involved with CCCEAA include landlords whose tenants draw water from a single well, and consequently do not meet the EAA’s “domestic use” exemption from annual pumping fees.

CCCEAA spokesman Jon Budd said he bought property in San Marcos 10 years ago that contained an abandoned well, which he opted to keep out of service in favor of city water. Budd said the EAA sent him a notice in November ordering him to commit to one of three actions within 30 days: bring the well into service, permanently seal the well (which can cost $5,000), or temporarily seal the well and incur costs including a $500 fine and a $125 annual inspection fee.

“They have a very active well abandonment program, yet they cannot produce one study showing those wells to be harmful to the aquifer,” Budd said.

The Texas Legislature created the EAA in 1993 in response to a federal court ruling issued the same year — the Sierra Club had sued the Secretary of the Interior and United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for injunctive relief, citing failure to enforce the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Spring Lake and the San Marcos River sustain eight plant and animal species protected by the ESA.

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Old steel septic tank models might be rusting and leaking…

There was a report that came out about old steel septic tanks that might be leaking and and Saulk County has issued an order to have them inspected. This is not old news about steel septic tanks… just one of the ongoing reports we here every now and then about the old problem and the potential for them to be leaking into ground water. The best thing to do when you are faced with these older tanks is to replace it if it is suspected of being one of the inferior models. Here is a link to the news article; http://www.wiscnews.com/bnr/news/471282 

Austin Septic NOT Doing this!

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says 743 pounds of marijuana was found inside the tank of a septic truck in Phoenix, AZ.

The bust occurred when a DPS officer pulled over the truck Wednesday on Interstate 19 near Tubac for an invalid license plate.

Authorities say the truck had suspicious markings and the driver — 24-year-old Leonard Salcido of Tucson — gave permission for a search.

When the officer opened the holding tank, authorities say he discovered the marijuana wrapped up in bales.

The DPS says the street value of the marijuana is estimated to be about $409,000.

Salcido was booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of possession and transportation of marijuana.

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